Parent company in OEX Group which includes: Tell Sp. z o.o., Euro-phone Sp. z o.o., PTI Sp. z o.o., Divante Sp. z o.o., Cursor S.A. and Mer Service sp. z o. o.


Divante sp. z o. o.

Divante is one of the innovative leaders of IT solutions supporting sales. That company has in its portfolio several dozen large e-commerce projects, carried out for Polish and foreign clients. Divante works for amongst others, brands such as TIM S.A., Solar, Home&You, ING Bank Śląski, CDP.pl and Złote Wyprzedaże.



Archidoc S.A.

ArchiDoc is one of the leading Polish companies offering business services in the field of document management and back-office support. For over 20 years, has been improving workflow and customer service processes. Company specializes in the construction and implementation of a strategy of a paperless office and replacing traditional documents with e-documents.


Voice Contact Center sp. z o. o.

Voice Contact Center provides all contact channels for end customers – not only telephone, text messages, e-mail, chat and social media, but also traditional mail and face-to-face contact. The company manages 3 modern operations centers located in Warsaw, Łódź and Lublin.


Cursor SA

Cursor SA, specilizes in services in the area of sales suport and marketing. The company manages one of the largest in Poland logistic centres, dedicated to e-sales and servicing marketing materials. Among Cursor’s clients there is a couple of hundred companies from the FMCG, financial, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, construction and many other industries.



Mer Service Sp. z o.o.

Mer Service Sp. z o.o. is a specialized company operating in the field of merchandising and other sale  support services on the retail and wholesale market.

The Company is a market leader in terms of both sales volume and innovativeness of the offered solutions. It operates in most large-format stores and in several thousand establishments on the traditional market. Its customers are the leading companies from the FMCG sector.



Tell Sp. z o. o.

Tell Sp. z.o. is the one of the largest in Poland network of points of sale, offering mobile phones and Orange services.

The activities of Tell are concentrated on the sales of phones and telecommunication services of the Orange network to individual and institutional clients. Tell also has in its offer mobile phone accessories.

According to the company’s politics, the shops are in easily accessible locations for Clients – in shopping centres and on main streets. Alongside the permanent sales locations, OTI also has a number of Business Client Consultants, that can create and adjust the offer to the specific needs of the client, directly in his office. The consultants take care of the Clients also after the purchase.

Tell Sp. z o. o. is active on the moblie phone market since 1997.  At the moment there are 148 (as of 21.03.2016) points of sale in Poland. The company is still dynamically developing, treating as a priority the increase the quality of client services and widen the range of the offered services.



Euro-Phone Sp. z o.o.

The company sells T-mobile mobile network products and services.

Thanks to many years of activities on the telecommunication market is one of the leading companies in this trade. The organic development and fusions have made the sales network of Euro-Phone one of the largest Agents cooperating with T-Mobile.

The company has 76(as of 21.03.2016) points of sale located throughout the country.



PTI sp. z o. o.

PTI Sp. z o.o. is one of the five sales networks of the mobile phone operator PLUS. The network is co-creates 71(as of 21.03.2016) authorised point of sale throughout Poland. The PTI activities concentrate on acquiring new clients and on providing with efficient and reliable services to existing subscribers. The company also makes an effort to assure that the points of sale are in convenient locations.