header-imageOur attitude towards social responsibility is an integral part of the common values within the OEX Group.

We try to do our best to achieve our business objectives, respecting the relationships with our customers, employees and social environment.

Our corporate social responsibility
activities in 3 fields

and Ecology

At OEX we all create culture that supports cooperation, innovativeness and creativity. We want to ensure our existing and future employers implement their professional objectives, support their talent and abilities, as well as the possibility to share their interests and life passions.

Code of Ethics of the OEX Group

Diversity policy

The OEX Group employs nearly 8 thousand people in various forms of employment. Our organization is open to differences, concerns for creating equal chances and combats discrimination.

8 000number of employees in all forms of employment

61,33 %is a percentage
of female emloyment

44 %is a percentage of employees
with higher education

1 100to number of salary

60 %percentage of women
in managerial positions

Friendly place to work that supports innovativeness

We understand innovativeness as day-to-day close cooperation with our Customers, in order to monitor their needs, observe the market and suggest to our customers cutting-edge solutions. It is also creating conditions for working together and exchanging ideas.


Cursor SA

Divante sp z o.o.


In the OEXpress magazine, which is published on a quarterly basis, you can read about successes and professional awards, become acquainted from the inside with the implementation of certain projects, or find out about the passions and interests of our employees.

OEX Runners Team

OEX team runners have beat a few life records and built up a large collection of medals. OEX Runners Team has 16 members. Our team can be joined by any employee or co-worker of OEX Group, who enjoys running.

Career at OEX

People are the most important value at OEX S.A. Our goal is recruiting employees, who are passionate about continuous development of their talents and have the desired competencies, as well as respect and understand our values.

Current job offers are available on the Career tabs of the OEX Group companies.

At OEX Group companies, we carry out actions which are aimed at raising the awareness of significant social problems and engaging all the employees in implementing projects from the area of social responsibility. An important part of these actions is corporate volunteering. We support actions, in which our employees are engaged.

OEX S.A. for Lions Club

OEX SA (former Tell S.A.) has been involved in cooperation with Lions Club from Poznań since 2006, actively supporting charity and cultural initiatives which earmark their income for, among others, buying rehabilitation equipment, equipping schools and therapy halls.


More about cooperation with the Lions Club - rozwiń

Cursor joined the action organized by Fundacja Przyjaciółka, which helped to fulfil the dreams of children from the forgotten corners of Poland.


We eat applesjemyjablka
We support Polish apple producers. Company employees receive free apples that were bought directly from orchard owners.

In our everyday activities, we do our best to promote pro-environmental attitudes and support actions that are aiming at education in the field of ecology.

puszkaCURSOR SA – Earth Day

The Cursor company engaged in the celebration of the International Earth Day. As part of the action, the company’s employees received a gift encouraging them to grow herbs.

puszka„Career Programme” of the Polish Business Roundtable

OEX S.A. joined the „Program Kariera” („Career Programme”) of the Polish Business Roundtable. The Programme is addressed to students and university graduates, who are under 30 and have the status of a student of at least third year of their studies. The trainees will gain experience at our HR department.