Group Offer

The oex group provides services in the following sectors

Insurance and finance
We support Poland’s largest companies in their back-office and customer service processes. We ensure a comprehensive customer support process from claim reception to document archiving and document flow management.
Telecommunications and media
We manage the highest number of sale outlets for three largest mobile phone operators in Poland: Orange, T-Mobile and Plus.
We are Poland's leading group providing support services for producers and distributors in the area of modern and traditional commerce. We service the largest Polish brands in merchandising and promotion, building consumer loyalty.
We help grown Polish and foreign brands operating in the e-Commerce sector. We create an optimise e-shops for the leading Polish brands. We provide logistic and warehouse support, loyalty programmes and transport in the cross-border model.
Energy, petrol and gas
We know the specificity of the energy market both in the area of fuel and gas providers and distributors. We run many of the largest Polish-wide loyalty programmes and provide logistic support concerning marketing materials. We run sale support programmes. We offer document management and client support related to contracts, complaint handling, resignations and returns.
Medicine and pharmacy
We specialise in services related to the support of clients of outpatient clinic networks, medical test providers as well as suppliers of medical and pharmaceutical products. We offer the maintenance of central medical archives. We ensure comprehensive logistics for online and traditional pharmacies as well as take care of loyalty programmes and sale support services for the pharmaceutical sector in the wide sense.
Public sector
We are an experienced partner for state institutions. We specialise in the digitalisation and storage of ongoing, archival and technical documentation, library and museum collections, official and court files and personal records.