Business Process Outsourcing

The Business process outsourcing segment the main services are document registration, sorting and processing. In effect, the client’s systems have the available data, document scans, mail copies and call registrations in an electronic archive and the original documents are stored too. The central archive of paper documents located in Chorzo w is managed by the proprietary system INDO and is one of the most modern in Poland. The second area of business in this Segment comprises activities related to the services of all end client contact channels. These services are rendered by Voice Contact Center Sp. z o. o.

Services rendered by the Business process outsourcing segment comprise, but are not limited to:

1. Traditional archiving, scanning, digitalisation and electronic archiving (i.e. fast paper document
processing and conversion into electronic documents on the basis of own software solutions of
ArchiDoc S.A.) They ensure a limitation of the risk of loss of important data, guaranteeing
smooth access to both the originals, digital copies and to the data therein contained.

2. The electronic document flow is a service aimed at automation, optimisation and improvement
of document flow processes, as well as procedure arrangement and document flow control
assurance. This service comprises an analysis of the client’s needs, construction of dedicated
solutions, implementation of the same and provision of support services. The projects include
the performance of such tasks as inflowing document digitalisation or acceptance path process
pursuit. The electronic document flow is implemented most often in processes related to the
flow of orders, complaints and invoices that need to be handled on time.

3. Business process support. The offer of these services is personalised to suit the needs of
specific branches, including: banks and insurance undertakings, telecoms, power engineering
companies and companies providing services to the general population, public administration and large b2b enterprises. As part of this service, the client may entrust all the back-office processes to the contractor. The services will be provided in the location indicated by the client or in the contractor’s location using the INDO software and own infrastructure.

The projects pursued as part of the business process support include, but are not limited to the
-for insurance undertakings – loss registration support, including event registration and
assistance in emergencies, helpline, documentation support, incoming document office
-for financial institutions and public sector companies – digitalisation, incoming document
office support, archiving, digital archive creation and management.

The Business process outsourcing are provided in modern operational
centres located in Chorzo w and Warsaw or in locations indicated by the clients or in a mixed
model. The data are collected in two mutually independent data centres managed by Archidoc
S.A. The added value is the offer concerning the performance of projects using the unique knowhowand proprietary IT solutions. The system may be integrated with the INDO platform, which simplifies the back-office processes. The services are provided using restrictive security
standards, which ensures maximum data and document protection level.

4. Client support services. The services are provided by Voice Contact Center Sp. z o.o. and
comprise the handling of calls, text messages, e-mails, chats, social media, as well as traditional
correspondence and personal contact. These activities aim at, among other things, acquiring
and maintaining the clients’ loyalty, and upselling. Another area of activity is the client
satisfaction survey, market survey and opinion polling as well as the survey of client service
quality on the basis of our own research centre and a team of carefully selected and trained
interviewers. Main services offered to clients are the following: client support centre
management, helplines, image campaigns, phone traffic surplus servicing.

The projects pursued as part of the client support includes, but are not limited to the following:
– for medical companies – appointment scheduling, assistance in selecting a physician,
commercial service upselling, remote diagnostics support;
– for retail and distribution companies – phone surveys, services supporting the sales, such
as product and service helplines; selling, customer loyalty creation and maintenance, lead
generation, reception and registration of agreements from various sale channels, data
inputting, formal and legal support concerning returns, verification and validation of
agreements, correspondence management, etc.

The services are provided in modern operational centres in Warsaw, Łodz and Lublin,
where there are over 600 professional contact centre work stations.