Sale Support Segment

This segment offers activities whose purpose is to ensure an increase in the sale of clients’ products and services. All activities in this segment are provided by Cursor S.A. The basic services offered to clients under this segment comprise:

  1. outsourcing of sales representatives,
  2. merchandising and product promotion services,
  3. services related to marketing materials and packaging purchase processing.

Outsourcing of sales representatives

Outsourcing of sales representatives is conducted in variants: as a dedicated service model (work of a single team dedicated to a single client) and as a co-shared service model (work of a single team for many clients who are not non-competitive with each other). The sales representative outsourcing service is addressed to the entire market (modern, traditional and specialist sales). The activities are carried out on the basis of fully computerised processes and in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standards.

The merchandising activity

The merchandising activity consists in servicing the goods exposition in commercial networks by stationary teams and mobile servicing of smaller outlets. It is carried out using advanced IT tools and in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standards.

The merchandising offer is complemented by activities related to the consumer communication standard surveys by means of audits of the performance of agreements between retail outlets and producers as well as market research in the wide sense.


Product promotion services comprise activities related to a direct contact with the consumer. They concern project related to the provision to the clients of specialised teams of personnel defined as ‘Client Advisers’ who stimulate the sale in modern or traditional sale outlets or in specialised commercial networks -in direct contact with the consumers -by ensuring additional information about the product, allowing the clients to try product samples or realize individual orders of consumers. Such activities are reinforced by organisation of consumer programmes such as lotteries or contests.

Consulting with regard
to the processing of purchases

Consulting with regard to the processing of purchases of marketing materials and to the optimisation of packaging purchase processes. The services consist in the market analysis with regard the area ordered by the client, provision of recommendations concerning the determination of selection criteria to be followed when purchasing products, purchase cost optimization and administrative support of the process. In case marketing materials or sale support materials are ordered on foreign markets, including also the Asian market, the services comprise the analysis of the supplier’s potential, verification of the quality of raw materials (standard observance, quality standard certificates, including, but not limited to SGA, STR, PCBC, PSBI), supervision over the preparation of prototypes, ensuring the consistency of product batches.