Current reports

Completion of negotiations by the issuer’s subsidiary company

Current report number: 19/2013

Data: 10 May 2013

Polish Financial Supervision Authority
Pl. Powstańców Warszawy 1
00-950 Warszawa

With reference to the ongoing report No. 17/2013 of 5 April 2013, the issuer’s Management Board hereby informs whom it may concern that on 10 May 2013, it gained knowledge about the completion by Euro-Phone Sp. z o.o. , the issuer’s subsidiary company, of negotiations concerning the acquisition by Euro-Phone Sp. z o.o. of shares in Mobile MIX Sp. z o. o. Pursuant to the information provided to the issuer, the negotiating parties came to the conclusion that the scope of differences existing between them is such that they would not be able to make any final agreements within the assumed deadline.

Legal basis: Art. 56 clause 1 item 1 of the Offering Act – Confidential Information

Signed: Rafał Stempniewicz – President of the Management Board