Current reports

Conclusion of an agreement on the announcement and conduction of a share purchase offer with a brokerage house.

Current report number: 44/2012

Data: 3 December 2012

Polish Financial Supervision Authority
Pl. Powstańców Warszawy 1
00-950 Warszawa

The issuer’s Management Board hereby informs that acting on the basis of authorization granted in Resolution No. 3/2012 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company of 29 October 2012 on the acquisition of treasury shares for redemption, on 03 December 2012 it entered into an agreement with brokerage house Dom Maklerski BZ WBK S.A. with registered office in Poznań on the provision of intermediation services concerning the purchase of treasury shares addressed to shareholders and concerning not more than 207,196 bearer shares and not more than 76,706 registered shares for the price of PLN 14 per share.
Pursuant to the agreement, on 3 December 2012, the content of the offer is to be provided by the brokerage house to the Polish Press Agency for public announcement. The acceptance of share sale offers under the offer shall start on 10 December 2012 and shall last until 28 December 2012, while the estimated date of the settlement of offer transactions shall be 4 January 2013.
The share purchase offer shall be published in the website of the brokerage house as well as on the issuer’s website

The above-mentioned offer does not constitute a call within the understanding of the Act of 29 July 2005 on public trading and on conditions of introduction of financial instruments into organised trading systems and on public companies (consolidated text in Journal of Laws No. 185 item 1439 of 2009 as amended).

Legal basis: Art.56 clause1 item 1 of the Offering Act – Confidential Information

Signed: Rafał Stempniewicz – President of the Management Board