Current reports

Settlement of the issue of series A bonds

Current report number: 3/2017

Data: 18 January 2017

The Management Board of OEX S.A. with registered office in Warsaw (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’), with reference to ongoing report No. 65/2016 dated 21 December 2016 concerning the adoption by the management body of the Company of a resolutionon the issue of series A bonds, hereby informs whom it may concern that today, i.e. on 18 January 2017, it has settled the issue of series A ordinary bearer bonds in the total nominal value of PLN 20,000,000 (say: twenty million Polish zlotys).

In the above-mentioned issue, the Company issued 20,000 (say: twenty thousand) bonds without a documentary form in the nominal value of PLN 1,000 (say: one thousand Polish zlotys) each and the maturity date of 17 January 2020. The said bonds were registered in the system of the National Depository for Securities (KDPW) and properly paid by all investors to whom the Company allocated the bonds. The issue was made in accordance with the procedure laid down in Art. 33 (2) of the Bonds Act (a bond acquisition proposal made to individual addresses whose number is not higher than 149 persons).


Legal basis:  Art. 17 (1) of the MAR Regulation – confidential information


Jerzy Motz – President of the Management Board