ArchiDoc: Digitalisation has many advantages for the back office and customer services industry

30 January 2018

An increasing number of Polish companies is heading in the direction of digitalisation and process automation technologies The process of digital transformation is facilitated by entities from the business services sector.

Nowadays, we are seeing the growing importance of digital solutions. On one hand, this process is enhanced by an increasingly competitive market and demanding customers, on the other hand, the changes are supported by legal regulations.

Unfortunately, Poland is lagging far behind the other European countries in terms of the advancement of digitalisation. According to the latest Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), Poland ranked 23rd among EU countries. Still, the digitalisation trend has recently become increasingly visible also in Poland, and the use of digital technologies is on the rise both in business and in the public sector.

Polish companies are interested in digital transformation, however, they often lack resources necessary to implement their strategy. Implementation of innovative solutions requires not only considerable investments, but also appropriately qualified teams. And here is where external suppliers come in to help, providing the companies with both technology and know-how
 – says Konrad Rochalski, the President of the Board at ArchiDoc and Voice Contact Center from the OEX Group OEX.

According to a PWC report, “Digital IQ. Digital Race of Companies”, 40% of Polish companies use internal resources when implementing digital solutions. 69% of respondents indicated that they consider it their priority to cooperate with external partners in using the rising technologies.

One of the areas, experiencing the biggest growth in the use of digital solutions, is back-office and customer service.

Today, customers of large companies and institutions expect not only efficient service, but also the ability to chose the contact channel they want to use to deal with their matters. Integration and digitalisation of data from different sources is one of the key factors in building competitive advantage – points out Konrad Rochalski.

Companies and public offices anticipate their customers’ needs and focus on e-services, digitalisation and electronic document flow. They are launching new contact channels and using big data solutions, which allow them to process customer data more efficiently.

We help the companies to switch from analogue to digital processes. The use digitalisation, automation and integration of activities to significantly enhance customer service, while reducing the costs – adds Konrad Rochalski.

According to ArchiDoc, in Poland, digital solutions in back-office and customer service are most often used by companies from the telecommunication, banking, insurance and energy industries. The public and medical sectors have the largest growth potential.

According to the “Data Utilization Intensity 2017” report , ordered by the Ministry of Digitalisation, effective data processing is one of the key elements affecting Poland’s GDP.

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