Cursor has a contract on the maintenance of an online store of Amnesty International

27 August 2015

Cursor signed a contract concerning the comprehensive maintenance of an e-commerce website of Amnesty International Poland. As a part of this cooperation, Cursor will be responsible for the whole logistics, sales fiscalisation and contacts with final customers.

The Company implemented the maintenance of Amnesty International’s e-store within only two weeks of the contract date.

We launched the online store on the occasion of the 25thanniversary of Amnesty International’s operation in Poland. To focus on our statutory activity connected with the protection of human rights, we decided to outsource store maintenance to a company that has relevant knowledge and resources guaranteeing effective performance, said Aleksander Pawłowski from Amnesty International Poland.

Cursor is in charge of the comprehensive logistic maintenance of the e-store, including goods warehousing, picking and shipping to final customers, management of returns and complaints, shipment services, preparation of transport and sales documentation. The company is also responsible for order processing, contacts with customers and sales recording.

Our mission is to support the growth of sales and development of e-stores. Thanks to our know-how which we have developed for dozen years by providing our services to the e-commerce sector, we make logistics become a market characteristic and a competitive advantage of our customers. We are glad that we can support Amnesty International’s operations because initiatives connected with the protection of human rights are close to us, said Grzegorz Wroniszewski, e-Logistics Manager of Cursor SA.

Cursor maintains online stores by the use of modern IT tools, which may be integrated with customer applications. All activities are monitored via the system, which allows for the improvement of processes and elimination of potential errors. Cursor’s customers receive regular reports on, for example, sales or the number of returns. Therefore, they are able to monitor the effectiveness of their Internet sales channel on an ongoing basis.

Under its e-logistics projects, Cursor serves 0.5 million shipments a year. The company’s customers are both the largest players of the e-commerce sector, as well as small family e-stores.

Each customer is equally important for us, whatever the scale of a project. As a part of our services, we advise on how to optimise the operation of an e-store, which, on the one hand, enables to reduce operating expenses and, on the other hand, contributes to the improvement of the quality of logistics operations and satisfaction of final customers, said Łukasz Wysokiński, e-Commerce Manager of Cursor SA.

Cursor, under the Tell Group, also offers comprehensive end2end services dedicated to the e-commerce sector. This solution allows for outsourcing most activities connected with the operation of an Internet sales channel: from the development of an e-store design through the delivery of a technology necessary to operate the store, marketing, warehousing and shipment of goods to customers, to post-sales services.

The Internet store of Amnesty International Poland, which operates on http://sklep.amnesty.org.pl/, offers products promoting the association’s activity, including, among others, T-shirts, mugs, postcards and “an activist’s kits”.


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