Cursor promotes sales for the Dekoral brand

OEX Cursor
31 July 2017

Cursor, part of the OEX Group, is working for PPG Deco Poland, the owner of the Dekoral brand, and is undertaking a 360° promotion project for sales activities.

Cursor has assumed responsibility for strategic planning and execution of promotional and image-enhancing work at points of sale, for merchandising, and for production and logistics of the client’s marketing materials. The company is also running PPG Poland’s loyalty programme. The campaigns are taking place across the whole of Poland. Cursor’s partnership with PPG Poland includes action on the whole range of Dekoral paints and on other brands of the client’s including Drewnochron and Bondex.

The first project which Cursor delivered to PPG Deco Poland was work supporting the launch of new versions of products onto the market. Action was staged in nearly 500 points of sale by close to twenty of the OEX Group’s field teams. Over time the range of tasks undertaken by Cursor in this partnership has gradually been extended. Today Cursor is the organiser of PPG’s competitions, prize draws and loyalty programme. The company also takes care of design and production of giveaways and POS material used in in-store promotions and provides knowledge workshops for employees for the multiples carrying PPG Deco Poland portfolio products. A team of mobile merchandisers look after Dekoral paints keeping them appropriately displayed in several hundred sales outlets nationwide.

Cursor is the first company in the sales promotion service market in Poland to be able to offer both the putting together of a brand communication strategy for activities based on direct contact with the customer and the execution of that strategy.

“Several core competences combine to make our range of services. Thanks to this breadth we are in a position to work up project designs from the most basic starting points and perform all of the works which translate to building brand awareness and growing sales of our clients’ products. We can exploit one of the largest field infrastructures in Poland, which means we can run campaigns on any scale.”, said Przemysław Bogdański, Field Marketing Director in Cursor.

Conception, creation of graphics, and consumer promotion campaigns are the domain of !eatme, a wholly-owned agency specialising in experience marketing.


PPG Deco Poland is the market-leading manufacturer of paints, lacquers, and varnishes which include the flagship brand Dekoral and Domalux, Drewnochron, and Sigma. The company is part of the multinational PPG Industries.

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