Cursor secure a contract for logistics material management with Żywiec Zdrój

OEX Cursor
26 April 2017

Cursor, part of the OEX Group, has signed a contract with Żywiec Zdrój to provide comprehensive POS material logistics service. The client is the largest producer of non-alcoholic beverages in Poland1. The project’s inception was at the start of April 2017.

Cursor has undertaken to provide top-to-bottom logistics for sales support materials, from warehousing of items, through order picking and distribution to the client’s sales representatives, and ending with processing returned items and appropriate disposal of end-of-life material. One of the planks of the project is an IT system which makes it possible to extract the maximum utility from POS materials and reduce associated costs. The program has advanced report-generating functions for monitoring processes in detail.

cursor-01E-Logistics’ operations centre

“We have been taking care of POS material logistics for the largest companies in the FMCG, alcoholic beverages, and pharmaceutical sectors for over 15 years. We see what needs to be done through the client’s eyes, and we don’t only help them to optimize their processes but we also foster the growth of their business – that is the driver,” said Grzegorz Wroniszewski of Cursor’s management board, the person in charge of the E-Logistics business line.


Integral to its services around marketing material logistics, Cursor provides clients with a proprietary order management application accessible from any mobile device. With this tool clients have oversight of warehouse inventory and can inspect pictures of specific POS products, place orders for them, and obtain updates on order status.

“We guarantee our customers that we hit the performance metrics they expect, such as punctuality and completeness of deliveries or uptime of ICT systems. Process automation allows us to score around a 99% rate for error-free order picking”, added Grzegorz Wroniszewski.

POS material logistics are carried out by E-Logistics, a brand of the Cursor company, which operates a modern 30,000m2 distribution centre in Łubna, near Warsaw. Lotos Fuels, the Próchnik fashion label, ING Bank Sląski, Nestle, Unilever, Pernod Ricard, and PZU are among E-Logistics’ clients.

1 Based on the Nielsen nationwide retail panel (Poland) aggregating hypermarkets, supermarkets, deep discounters, small, medium, and large foodstores, household goods, health and beauty stores, off-licences and confectioners, non-fuel retail, and retail kiosks; volume-oriented; for 2016 in the non-alcoholic beverages category


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