Cursor supports the sales of Piromax products again

15 December 2015

Cursor is continuing its cooperation with fireworks manufacturer Piromax that started in 2014. The contract includes assembly of the client’s products displays at retail chains and outsourcing of sales consultants.

In the first stage of cooperation, Cursor prepared additional product displays clearly presenting the range of Piromax.
Fireworks sales stands were put up in several dozens of Carrefour and Leclerc stores all over Poland. All of them were prepared in line with the client’s visual identity.
Since mid-December, Cursor’s sales consultants have been advising and helping consumers to choose the proper products of Piromax.
“Before the campaign started, our consultants received a product training where they learned not only the details of Piromax range of products butalso the rules of safe use of fireworks. Every person we hired is trained in sales techniques, which helps to translate our actions to measurable increase of the client’s revenues,” said Przemysław Bogdański, Field Marketing Managing Director at Cursor SA.
This year, customers will be able to watch videos presenting the effects of specific products on tablets.
The client decided to continue cooperation with Cursor upon an analysis of the results of last year’s campaign supporting the sales of their products.
“December is our best sales period in the entire year. We decided to cooperate with Cursor because of its experience and quality of services. The campaign was coordinated centrally and locally with the highest standards and the hired personnel worked in line with the agreed mechanisms. This stimulated a significant growth of our sales results,” said Robert Nowak, Sales Director of PIROMAX.
Outsourcing of Cursor’s sales consultants enables to directly reach our potential consumers, build brand awareness and increase the sales of products or services. Most frequently, the company arranges such campaigns for customers from the food, construction, cosmetics and white goods sectors.

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