Cursor supports the Sensitive to Art project

8 December 2015

The aim of the Sensitive to Art auction is not only to provide financial support for EB Polska Foundation but also to make the general public aware of the problems of the patients. As part of the project, Cursor will provide comprehensive technical support, including handling communicati on with auction participants, administration of participant data and logistics.

We are always ready to participate in initiatives that help people in need. I am happy that we can use our experience in handling promotional and sales projects to support the auction arranged by Cheil Polska and help such a good cause, said Artur Wojtaszek, President of the Board of Cursor SA.

The exhibition of the works donated for the auction will take place on 8 December 2015 at the New City building in Warsaw, ul. Marynarska 15. Bids for the pieces can be submitted online between 8 and 15 December at http://wrazliwinasztuke.pl/.

The works auctioned were made and invented by the employees of Cheil Polska. The artists deal with advertising on an everyday basis. The works were prepared in their spare time, out of their passion to create and help.

Previously, Cursor was involved in such campaigns as Qurier Świętego Mikołaja (Santa’s Courier) and Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Box).

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