Divante becomes a strategic partner of Pimcore

22 January 2018

Divante, a part of the OEX Group, has become a Strategic Partner of Pimcore – one of the world’s most-known Digital Platforms for entrepreneurs.

Pimcore is used by over 80,000 companies, including such giants as Burger King, Audi, Peugeot and Intersport. Thanks to the variety of its functions, Pimcore is an ideal solution for PIM, CMS, DAM and eCommerce.

Divante is the only Pimcore’s Strategic Partner. This is not only a great distinction for the Wrocław-based company, but also a great opportunity to share knowledge with even more clients and companies.

Divante has come a long way, gaining more and more advanced knowledge about Pimcore technology. A team dedicated to this technology consists of several dozens of specialists – programmers, designers and project managers.

The fact that the team can boast of its own Core Contributor of the platform is evidence of how significant Divante is for the Pimcore community. One of the biggest achievements of the team is Pimcore <> Magento Connector and Pimcore PWA.

The most significant Divante projects based on Pimcore technology include deployments for companies such as Norstedts and T-Mobile.

Norstedts, a Swedish book publisher, recorded over 34% increase in mobile traffic and almost 15% increase in website views per visit. T-Mobile can also boast and impressive result. Almost 340,000 unique users has was visited this website during the first four months of operation.

Integration of PIM with CMS and eCommerce allows to create the ideal Fashion and B2B platform. These are currently the fastest growing eCommerce segments. By this one solution, using the submitted offer, it is possible to simultaneously cover these two business segments. It is, currently, difficult to find an eCommerce solution that is as effective as Pimcore – said Tomasz Karwatka, CEO of Divante, OEX Group.

As a Strategic Partner, Divante will participate in creating a platform architecture and an ongoing business strategy. This will allow the company to improve its technical and design skills, and thus – to offer customers even more advanced solutions.

Divante is an important partner for Pimcore. Divante’s specialists are considered as one of the most well-known eCommerce experts in Europe. We appreciate their rate of innovation and contribution to the development of our community – adds Dietim Rietsch, president of Pimcore.

Pimcore is an Austrian company that is one of the largest European producers of open source software. It offers solutions for CMS, PIM technology, digital asset management, multi-channel publications and e-commerce software.

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