Divante built an online platform for selling medical services

29 September 2015

Divante developed Medicover’s online platform for selling medical services –MediStore.com.pl. The site allows you to quickly and conveniently purchase medical services and bundles without leaving your home.


Launching MediStore.com.pl marks a new trend in the Polish health care industry. Thus far, the Medicover chain clients have been able to book a visit on the Internet without the option to make a payment at the same time. The platform developed and implemented by Divante allows for completing the entire transaction online, and then exercising the service at the selected branch of the chain.

The MediStore platform has been built on Magento. As part of the contract, Divante has implemented a number of features characteristic for the health care industry, including managing beneficiaries, dedicated sales path, as well as generating and managing contracts. Every service available at the estore has been described thoroughly and has a detailed price list.

MediStore strives to meet our current and potential clients’ expectations. These days, a growing number of transactions are completed over the Internet using mobile devices. ‘One can not only purchase particular services directly from the site, but also obtain detailed information regarding their scope and price, without having to call in – says Jakub Strzelczyk, Sales and Online Marketing Manager at Medicover.


MediStore contains essential health care product categories: a rich portfolio of specialist medical consultations, medical imaging and diagnostics (USG), laboratory tests, health care bundles, health checkups, diagnostic bundles and discount cards. The platform has been designed in accordance with current standards, using the RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology, which makes it display properly on any mobile device screen.

Launching Medicover’s new site starts a new chapter in the book on delivering medical services to patients in Poland. Ecommerce is a trend followed by a growing number of companies, including those that aren’t traditionally associated with online sales. ‘Solutions facilitating customer experience are not only convenient, but also boost the effectiveness of business entities that decide to implement them – says Marcin Moska, B2B Ecommerce Director at Divante.

As part of the work done for Medicover, Divante has signed SLA and is responsible for the platform being effective. The company will keep on developing the site as well.

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