Divante implements a multilingual platform for EF Education First

7 December 2015

Divante, a company that specializes in e-business solutions is responsible for implementing a blog for the British branch of the Swedish company EF English Live. The platform supports 11 language versions, Korean, Japanese and Arabic, among others.

As part of the cooperation Divante was responsible for the implementation of a new graphic design of the blog, more than a dozen language versions and the installation and adaptation of plug-ins. The objective of the project was, inter alia, a better adjustment of the platform design to the online sales pages and the improvements in platform conversion.
The blog created by Divante was based on WordPress CMS. The use of the Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology allows the website to automatically detect and adjust to all devices. The website also employs jQuery, CSS3 and Angularjs, which ensures flexibility.
At Divante they have a team of people who are passionate about digital technologies and have the skills that let transform ambitious ideas into projects and deliver them on time, said Marcin Chirowski, Global Head of Content Marketing and SEO, EF English Live.
The first stage of the project was the customer needs analysis. The cooperation with EF Education First involved front-end development specialists and project managers of Divante. The greatest challenge was to code the website in a way that preserves its unified structure for all the language versions.
The website design for all the language versions had to look the same. The most difficult was the Arabic version, which required us to create a mirror image of the layout. The Asian pages, in turn, challenged us to cope with a completely different content “density”, said Paulina Sztebner Project Manager at Divante.
At the moment Divante is working on the extension of new functionalities to the EF Education First blog.

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