Divante official partner of Magento 2.0

20 November 2015

While the big news of the global release of Magento 2 have been spreading rapidly, we join in on the celebration with a big contribution of our own. Our developers at Divante have undergone a Magento 2 training course and we officially became the Magento 2 Trained Solution Partner.  The whole eCommerce market has been waiting for the official release of Magento 2. We have been ready for a while now. As of today, we are one of the few companies who can announce their Magento 2 Trained Solution Partnership! – Marek Borzęcki, Vice Development Director at Divante.
In order to earn this honor, our team of developers completed two courses, the Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development, as well as the Core Principles for Theming in Magento 2. The courses provided us with knowledge about front-end and back-end programming of Magento 2. After completing the courses we were given a couple of tasks to complete, which would prove our expertise in Magento 2 and were verified by the Magento technical team. After passing with flying colors, we were awarded the Magento 2 Trained Solution Partnership!
This proves to our clients we are ready to help them migrate to the new platform whenever they are ready! We are looking forward to opportunities to work with Magento 2 and are ready for all the challenges to come.


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