Divante will implement a new service for Home & You

13 April 2017

Implementing the platform is another step in the cooperation between the two companies. The service will be based on the new version of the popular open source software – Magento 2.

In this project, Divante will be responsible for the entire implementation process including server architecture, system integration, design and implementation of the new design, and development and maintenance of the platform. The company will also be handling all SLA for Home & You.

The eCommerce channel is extremely important to Home & You. The company continues to increase its percentage of online sales and removing brick and mortar locations.

The new, Magento2-based service is the answer to our growing business needs. The current solution limits the development of applications and the introduction of solutions that brand customers expect. The new platform also has the ability to handle heavy traffic during peak sales, says Jarosław Ruciński (eCommerce Manager at BBK S.A.)

Divante’s side of the project involves a team consisting of a project manager, UX / GFX designer, eCommerce marketing specialist, programmers, testers, analysts and system architects.

The project is currently in a pre-implementation phase. The launch of the new site is scheduled for the third quarter of 2017.

Home & You is a leader in Home Decor with over 130 stores in 70 cities. Home & You belongs to BKK S.A., whose portfolio also includes Essex and à Tab.

The partnership between Home & You and Divante started in 2013. Initially, Divante was involved in effective marketing activities: campaigning and developing customer-related competencies.

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