Ewa Czarnecka is the new President of Voice Contact Center

15 October 2019

Change to the Management Board of Voice Contact Center. Ewa Czarnecka, up till now a Member of the Management Board and COO, was appointed as the President. The new President wants to focus even more on the specialization in the customer experience area.

As of 1 October 2019, Ewa Czarnecka was appointed as the President of the Management Board of Voice Contact Center. She was formerly a Member of the Management Board and the company’s COO. She will still be responsible for the company’s operations after the change. Ewa Depta remains in her role as a Member of the Management Board and Sales Manager. Both managers work closely together since 2015 and are members of the Management Board since 2017.

The former President of the Management Board, Konrad Rochalski, decided to resign from his position in order to fully engage in the rapidly growing ArchiDoc company, where he is the President of the Management Board.

Change to the management board will not impact the company’s strategy. Voice Contact Center focuses on a stable growth and creating value mainly through organic growth and development of services based on new technologies.

We want Voice Contact Center to be a first-choice provider in the customer experience segment understood as solutions for the sales and customer service. Our goal is to deepen our specialization in this area and further grow our business based on comprehensive projects. We also want to focus on the development of our offer with new technologies and dedicated solutions for eCommerce. This way, we not only use our expert position and the economies of scale related to serving many customers, but we also ensure added value based on the access to competences and technology of the whole capital group. Voice Contact Center is already a leader in the customer service outsourcing in Poland, said Ewa Czarnecka, the President of Voice Contact Center.

Further development paths

Ewa Czarnecka indicates three areas of development:

First comes the omnichannel contact center where the company is responsible for customer communication through many channels, including electronic ones (i.e. e-mails or messaging tools).

The second area is the multilingual support offered primarily to companies with global expansion goals and to foreign customers which is carried out by the separate competence center – LinGO. Those activities include multichannel customer service department as well as front, middle and back office processes, such as specialist helpdesks for mobile app users, CRM systems and much more.

The third area is the customer service in the eCommerce segment. It is particularly important due to the directions of OEX Group’s development and very strong competences in the E-business operational segment. Companies within this segment offer comprehensive ecosystem of products and services supporting enterprises in the digitalization process of their offer and sales scaling in the international market.

According to Ewa Czarnecka, the key to success in all three areas is the use of advance technologies. Voice Contact Center is building original IT solutions for the projects they implement. Those solutions include, among others, tools allowing to integrate data and systems which simplify customer service and process management regardless of the communication channel. The company is also planning to increasingly implement phone bots and chatbots in their projects. This is one of the significant directions for the company’s offer development, resulting from the increasing demand of Voice Contact Center’s business partners.

Ewa Czarnecka joined the Voice Contact Center team in January 2015. She is responsible for the operational activities and customer cooperation. She was appointed a member of the management board in March 2017. She has a dozen or so years of experience in the contact center sector.

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