MerService with the first foreign audit project

8 February 2018

OEX Group’s MerService has carried out points of sale audits in Great Britain for a global corporation from the FMCG sector. The study has provided the client with information on the presence and display of products, promotions and price levels.

MerService performs audits at points of sale for manufacturers whose brands are present in modern and traditional points of sale. For one of the clients, who uses company’s services in Poland, the service was also carried out in Great Britain. The data acquired during the survey was provided online, by MerchMobiler application, developed by the OEX Group.

The audit service enables effective acquisition of data that helps clients optimize sales processes. Thanks to the use of our proprietary technology, information, including photo documentation, is available in real time – says Michał Węgrzyk, President of the Management Board of MerService.

An audit carried out by MerService may concern all products offered by a given company, selected brands or a specific batch of a given product. It encompasses the examination of parameters agreed with the client, e.g. the availability of products on the shelves, prices, the presence of POS materials and the compliance of product exposures with contracts with the retail network. Audits may be of
a permanent nature, cyclical or may be implemented in the form of a one-off project.

MerService has an extensive field structure, enabling the implementation of audits and mysterious client testing in even the most fragmented sales networks in the country and abroad. The scope of audit projects is selected individually to match the needs and specificity of the operations of the given client.

We focus on flexibility when cooperating with clients. We implement both permanent, as well as one-off projects, we are also open to non-standard activities – adds Magdalena Trzcińska, External Operations Director of MerService.

Every month, MerService employees visit nearly 10,000 points of sale in Poland. Every year, several thousand reports generated by advanced sales data analysis mechanisms are sent to the company’s clients.

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