OEX Cursor and its business partners are introducing an innovative sales support service

OEX Cursor
13 November 2018

OEX Cursor in cooperation with ShelfWise and ABR SESTA will make traditional sales more efficient by means of an image recognition system and advanced data analytics.

The service will make taking precise steps towards improving distribution and exposition standards in 10 thousand shops in the group much easier.

The solution will provide the producers with precise information, that will allow their stock to be matched with the potential need of their clients. The system, which processes the data acquired from product shelves, recommends actions such as the introduction of a certain product into the sales portfolio, improvement of exposition of a product on a shelf or modification of category management. Thanks to its Focus on a certain sales point, the changes are only made in shops where a potential for growth has been identified. This way, sales are maximised, while cost is being reduced – says Piotr Haman, CEO of OEX Cursor SA.

The platform processes data collected from 10 thousand retail salespoints in Poland. The data is collected cyclically through a network of OEX Cursor’s sales representatives.

The system converts pictures into data that is of use to the owner in almost real-time. The client is provided with feedback the next day. The technology utilizes artificial intelligence. Its effectiveness is comparable to that of work of a human, while the cost of data acquisition is much lower, especially when working on a large scale – adds Konrad Szczukiewicz, a representative of ShelfWise.

The system has been created with the objective of fulfilling the needs of large and medium-sized FCMG suppliers. It opens up a number of possibilities before small-scale sales networks, which can use it to introduce a system of sales and exposition standards.

An important aspect of the solution is the analysis of the information obtained and the fact that this data is compared with demographic indicators and other data, which impacts the potential of a given salespoint. Only advanced processing of data from many sources allows reaching precise recommendations for steps to be taken at each shop, which in turn will contribute to an increase in sales – says Paweł Jurowczyk, ABR Sesta.

According to the creators of the project, the developed tool will allow FCMG companies to communicate with the market, to introduce new products and to better implement their marketing policies. The data acquired can also be used for optimising other areas that are related to sales and marketing. The solution not only provides the client with data, but also provides him with an efficient state-of-the-art tool for contacting the market.

Currently, the project has undergone a series of technical tests, which covered 1000 shops and has received a lot of interest from potential clients.

The project is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2019.

ShelfWise is a tech company that offers an innovative IT tool for collecting information concerning product exposition in shops and the behaviour of clients. The tool is based on image recognition. Any data analytics is done in real time, which allows prompt response to any changes in the way products are placed on the shelves. ShelfWise directly connects the representatives that visit a shop with the decision makers that are responsible for elaboration and implementation of sales plans.

ABR SESTA specialises in research concerning retail point’s sales offer as well as the clients behaviour. The results of research conducted by the Agency allows the sales companies to improve their services, strategic planning, controlling and improving sales. ABR SESTA supports monitoring of promotional campaigns and merchandising, as well as provides support sales divisions, category management, trade marketing and pricing. It also offers consumer research, brand awareness research, as well as advertisement efficiency estimation.

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