OEX Cursor is promoting new items in WINIARY’s range this winter

OEX Cursor
1 February 2018

Over two weekends in the first quarter of 2018 customers will have a chance to try beetroot buckwheat risotto at nearly 150 points of sale across the whole of Poland. It is a new product in the WINIARY line-up. The campaign, under the moniker WINIARY TAKES INSPIRATION STRAIGHT FROM THE MARKET, is being carried out by OEX Cursor, supplying a comprehensive service taking care of running the tastings and logistical operation, recruiting personnel, and providing stands and requisites for them. Over 200 people from Cursor’s field team are tasked with delivering the project.

“Putting a country-wide promotional campaign into effect simultaneously at such a large number of points of sale is a great organisational and logistical challenge. Thanks to our developed infrastructure out in the field and our state-of-the-art IT solutions we are able to manage projects of any size effectively and ensure the right standard of service.”, said Przemysław Bogdański, OEX Cursor board member.

WINARY’s new products are available to try at hyper- and supermarkets but also in smaller retail outlets too.

“Clients using sales promotion services are more and more often electing to promote products in smaller shop formats too. The advantage of this method is more individual contact with the consumer and more efficient passing of the message to the target group.”, added Przemysław Bogdański.

OEX Cursor has been partnering WINIARY since October 2017. The first phase of the WINIARY TAKES INSPIRATION STRAIGHT FROM THE MARKET campaign, which promoted pasta sauces, condensed soups, buckwheat risotto and warming fruit-flavoured soft-set jelly was conducted at the end of last year, when tastings were given in 475 points of sale across the whole of Poland.

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