OEX Cursor: Reporting applications boost the effectiveness of sales promotion projects

OEX Cursor
22 March 2018

Technology is increasingly frequently coming into use in shopper marketing and point of sale audits. Sophisticated reporting applications provide immediate access to data from campaign activities and make it possible to monitor their effects more effectively.

Mobile reporting systems collect all information, including graphic content, in one place. Information from project work carried out on campaign sites can flow back, even when the sites are widely dispersed (as they often are).

They give clients or agencies a way to set regional teams’ work schedules and pull in data about how activities went, how POS materials were used, and on sales figures or prices. They also let more advanced mystery shopper research take place. The range of information taken in is completely adaptable to the requirements of a given project and the client’s expectations.

We have created our own reporting application for our projects’ needs. We use the tool when engaged in field projects for, among other clients, the WWF, FMCG and consumer electronics producers, and major tobacco industry companies. Clients have real-time access to information and can react minute-to-minute to what comes in from points of sale about product availability or what competitors are doing, for example”, said Przemysław Bogdański, an OEX Cursor board member.

Reporting systems also streamline communication with a project’s field force. The solution OEX Cursor has arrived at will distribute training materials, sales target information, or even earnings to-date by promotional staff. Project staff can contact those they manage through the application and can resolve work schedule queries or learn progress to date towards goals with no time lag. Reporting systems prove themselves primarily in long-term campaigns teaming up promoters, sales consultants, hostesses, and brand ambassadors.

“Our reporting applications are integrated with the client’s system increasingly frequently. Having a geolocation option, they can indicate which point of sale the information is about. Data are properly secured and only made available under a plan of access rights agreed with the client, so there is full compliance with the criteria imposed by the GDPR.”, added Zbigniew Puchała, Account Director at OEX Cursor

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