OEX E-Business as the operator for Harper Hygienics logistic services

OEX E-Business
20 August 2019

The liaison will consist in comprehensive logistics services and will comprise the following: warehousing, orders completion in Poland and Europe-wide as well as processing of returns.

Thanks to the liaison with OEX E-Business, we ensure the support for our order implementation system, but first and foremost – the continuity of orders delivery to our customers within all channels of distribution in Poland. On top of that, OEX E-Business has a relevant background, technology and know-how in processing export orders which constitute a large portion of our business – said Marcin Wasilewski, Supply Chain Manager at Harper Hygienics S.A.

By dint of flexible models for service rendition and tailoring solutions to the Customer’s needs, the OEX Group company enables efficient take-over of logistics operations. What is more, in the transition period it also ensures the support to the Customer which results in the minimization of difficulties related to changing the supplier. OEX E-Business is ready to use the Customer’s operational system in the processes by virtue of integration with its own tools.

The size of the Customer’s business results in a few-dozen-percent growth of filling in our warehouses. During 1.5 month we received approximately 10 thousand pallets of Customer’s goods and we started dispatching without putting the Harper Hygienics operations to halt – explains Grzegorz Wroniszewski, the Member of the Management Board at OEX E-Business.

The Harper Hygienics company was established in 1990. For many years it has been building its market position in the categories such as: personal hygiene, taking care of babies and economic category, which has resulted in achieving the position of the leader on the Polish market. Harper Hygienics is the owner of the brands such as: Cleanic, Presto and Kindii, as well as the manufacturer of own brands for retail networks. Good market results of Harper Hygienics are the consequence of a careful observation of consumer tendencies and satisfying continuously growing needs related to the changing lifestyle. The Harper Hygienics products have been honoured with numerous consumer awards, they are created by highly qualified and experienced Research & Development Team that uses latest achievements in the field of cotton technology and synthetic fibres.

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