OEX Group launches a B2B marketplace

28 February 2019

Relying on its extensive experience in the provision of sales support services and technologies, the OEX Group has created a new solution for customers, aiming to boost growth of their eCommerce activities.

The OEX24.com platform, launched at the end of February, is a one-stop shop solution that not only enables customers to mark their existence in the online environment in a simple manner but also enables all domestic and international trading operations to be performed at a single location.

OEX24.com is a user-friendly marketplace designed for the digitization of B2B trade. The user will be able to purchase products from many categories and use a wide range of services required to conduct sales both in Poland and internationally.

OEX24.com has been created based on our experience and long-lasting, sales-related cooperation with our customers. The project combines the competencies of numerous, highly experienced experts from the OEX Group. We consider eCommerce and solutions relied upon to digitize sales to be the future of commerce. The technology adopted in this particular solution has been designed by our Divante subsidiary. The platform will be managed and developed by a dedicated, newly-established company of OEX24. All operations related to serving B2B customers, also in cross-border operations, are the activities we have been performing, for a number of years now, at our logistics center in Łubna near Warsaw – said Jerzy Motz, OEX SA CEO.

Registration and publication of the customer’s offer on the platform are currently available free of charge. The counterparties that are willing to conclude a transaction are verified by OEX24.com in cooperation with credit information agencies. The fee is charged only in the case of a transaction. The platform users may choose one of two languages: Polish and English. In the future, Chinese and Arabic will be available as well.

OEX24.com is not restricted to any particular sector. We have been joined, during the testing phase, by many recognizable brands, inter alia from cosmetic, household and organic food sectors. We have already registered transactions on the European market, as well as deals between Europe and Asia – said Artur Wojtaszek, OEX SA Board Member and CEO of OEX24.com.

In addition to access to storage, transportation and logistics support services, the platform’s distinct features include, inter alia, intuitive navigation, a brand zone for manufacturers offering a wide range of products, as well as the ability to create dedicated tools for own customers of large operators or purchasing groups. Work is currently underway, in cooperation with financial institutions, to offer attractive crediting facilities to entities that purchase goods required to conduct business online. The customers will be able to launch their own stores on the platform or to redirect users to an already existing e-shop. Due to the specific nature of cooperation on the B2B market, where each contract is often negotiated on an individual basis, OEX24.com offers the ability to flexibly adapt one’s offering to the customer’s needs.

The OEX24.com marketplace is a great proposal for all those who are willing to grow in the eCommerce sector, leveraging also the potential offered by cross-border operations. There are customers all over the world. The current challenge is to reach them in the right way. This is the greatest benefit that the users of OEX24.com will be able to enjoy. In addition to purely technological solutions, we attach great attention to the sales organization site, which includes, among other logistics, necessary certificates and customs services. These processes are still considered to be an obstacle by a number of exporters,” Artur Wojtaszek said.

The company is actively building its international relations and is acquiring local partners – an approach that facilitates the execution of sales- and promotion-related processes on foreign markets. It participates in initiatives organized, inter alia, by governmental institutions, focusing on tightening business relationships between countries, and takes part in the leading conferences and industry events in Poland and abroad.

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