OEX S.A. called an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders concerning the issuance of the D-series shares

11 April 2018

OEX S.A is planning to run a private subscription covering not more than 1.101.445 D-series ordinary bearer shares. The Management Board expects that under the issuance they will be able to acquire funds for the company amounting to PLN 20 million.

In accordance with presented draft resolutions, the Management Board will offer D-series shares to each of the company’s shareholder who will hold company’s shares in the amount representing more than 0.5% of company’s share capital, will register those shares in Extraordinary General Meeting where a resolution to increase the share capital will be adopted, who will take part in book building and will declare an intention to acquire shares at a price not lower than the issue price determined by the Management Board. Should the entitled shareholders present at the meeting not acquire all proposed D-series shares, the Management Board shall propose the acquisition offers to other entities as well. Issue price of D-series shares will be determined based on book building.

Jerzy Motz, President of the Management Board of OEX S.A. said – we believe that the most favourable way for the company to increase its share capital is the private subscription with the exclusion of pre-emptive right. This formula allows to considerably accelerate and simplify the process of share capital increase and decrease related costs. At the same time, we assume that our current shareholders (who will be granted preferences in the allotment of shares) shall be significantly involved in the issuance of shares. We also hope to obtain new shareholders, who will find the strategy of further development of OEX Group value worthwhile.

Funds acquired from issuance shall primarily be allocated to investment in further development of Back office segments, customer service and E-business, both through support of their limited development, inter alia by replenishment of working capital and possible acquisitions.

We analyse possibilities of potential acquisitions mainly for technologies that shall supplement our competences in the field of digitisation – Jerzy Motz added.

The Extraordinary General Meeting on issuance of shares was called on 14th May 2018.
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