OEX24.com promotes Polish producers in Asia

17 October 2019

OEX24.com is a Polish B2B marketplace, which makes it possible for the producers and distributors to digitalise sales and which supports foreign expansion. The development of OEX24.com business on the Asian markets consists in presenting the offers of the products that were made in Poland, as well as Polish technology and eCommerce B2B solutions.

 Thanks to the presence of OEX24.com at Poland SHIOK festival, which took place in Singapore in April this year, local consumers could for the first time get to know the offer of the Polish health and beauty industry producers. 10 thousand people took part in the festival event.

The products made available via OEX24.com, the business concept as well as the base and infrastructure for eCommerce trade captured interest of local partners and made it possible for a large group of end-users to get to know the offer of cosmetic, wellness and sport brands. Polish entrepreneurs have great solutions and potential at their disposal to compete outside Europe, including clear and demanding Singapore market. We promote the image of Poland as a country that is not only a producer of high quality products, but also a supplier of innovative business solutions that create new possibilities for bilateral and interregional trade. Presenting ourselves in Singapore, perceived as a modern regional trade hub, should make it easy for the Polish firms to enter the markets of other countries of South-East Asia  said Magdalena Bogdziewicz, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Singapore, summing up this year Polish festival, the range of which was two times larger compared to the one that took place last year.

The regional representative of the company, who takes part in the most important business events in the region, has been operating in Singapore for a few months now. In Poland, the platform is very popular among producers. The Polish beauty industry brands, the products of which are available via OEX24.com, are of great interest to the Asian consumers, thanks to their quality and attractive assortment.

We support producers in marketing, which is crucial from the point of view of the possibility of increase in sales at particular markets. We support them in verification of the potential of products and with the formalities necessary for commencing the distribution at foreign markets. At some markets, we use signed partner agreements with importers and they make available not only their sales channels, but first of all their logistical centres, where the goods that are to be distributed further are stored – said Artur Wojtaszek, the President of the Management Board of OEX24.com.

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