PZU with a voicebot from VCC

Voice Contact Center
29 June 2022

The long-standing cooperation between the two companies has expanded through the use of voicebots in PZU customer opinion and satisfaction surveys. Voice Contact Center, a member of the OEX Group, has created a dedicated solution for PZU using its proprietary technology. After contacting the insurance company’s hotline, customers can expect a phone call from Primebot – a virtual pollster.

The virtual interlocutor will ask the customers for their opinion on the services provided, listen to their comments and make sure that all the suggestions reach the addressees. The result of the implementation is a fully automated system for surveying PZU customers. It is worth mentioning that Primebot does not pretend to be human and from the very beginning it informs that it is a virtual consultant. Such action is consistent with the ethics and philosophy of OEX VCC.

Before voicebot was used, interviews were conducted by interviewers. The next stage was CATI research conducted simultaneously by a human and using AI technology. The same conditions of implementation were maintained: random sampling, the same time, identical research tool. Based on several months of testing and analysis of the results, the decision was made to leave only voicebots. The test results are reliable and do not differ from the assessments obtained by humans. In addition to lower costs, the benefits include instant access to the necessary data.

Rain or sleet means a busy day in the insurance industry. The resulting dynamic scaling of survey work is a perfect task for Primebot, which can simultaneously make up to 1000 calls regardless of the time of day or circumstances. – explains Konrad Puzyński, Business Development Manager in Voice Contact Center. Voicebot collects answers to both closed and open questions. Additionally, in order to guarantee the highest quality of data, the transcription of Primebot’s calls is edited by consultants who work in PZU’s customer service team on a daily basis.

Thanks to the fact that we also run a traditional hotline for PZU, we can correct possible errors in the survey transcription and smoothly direct part of the traffic to consultants – says Piotr Kempa, Head of AI Division at Voice Contact Center, the creator of Primebot. The bot can recognize human speech, but it sometimes makes mistakes. That is why we have created a special system thanks to which our consultants can correct the content. It is crucial for us to catch and remove the shortcomings, as well as to teach and constantly improve Primebot. Working with experienced consultants on this project guarantees the best result. The client always receives a 100% perfect record. – says Piotr Kempa.

We use Primebot to conduct consumer satisfaction surveys. Voicebot calls people who previously contacted the Hotline and collects opinions on the quality of customer service in PZU. In 2021 we piloted the first project of this type. Its results were very promising, and that is why we have implemented the bot survey permanently in one of our processes, and we are thinking about expanding its scope to other areas. – says Mirosław Mikłos, Director of Customer Experience Management at PZU. In my opinion Primebot is a great tool for conducting short and simple customer satisfaction surveys. It will prove useful wherever we care about reaching the recipient quickly. Primebot completes the work of even 1000 interviewers in one day – adds Anna Kowalska, Customer Knowledge Team Manager at PZU.

Voice Contact Center is working on further implementations for PZU. As the VCC managers emphasize, success is determined by the right technological solution tailored to the customer’s needs, but the human factor and building a relationship based on trust are still the most important.

Voice Contact Center has been our partner in conducting telephone satisfaction surveys for years. I particularly value cooperation with VCC due to very individual approach to us as a customer, great flexibility and availability. I know that each of my questions or requests will be taken seriously, considered and that VCC will do its best to help us. –  Anna Kowalska from PZU


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