Support for Ukraine

13 June 2022

Many employees of the OEX Group became personally involved in providing ad hoc aid, including, but not limited to, transport of persons and personal effects from the border checkpoints, organization of temporary places of stay, organization of collection of necessary items and financial support. In particular special acknowledgement should be given to those people who put to good use in their workplaces their experience gained from cooperation with foundations and charitable causes so that the actions organised could be as effective as possible and responded to the actual urgent needs.

The OEX Group companies cooperate with their clients as part of activities addressed to employees from Ukraine. They comprise, but are not limited to, helping to find employment, financial and organisational assistance and ad hoc aid. We have tried to address the needs of employees from Ukraine and identify the possibilities to provide assistance to the and their close and dear ones in these difficult times.


Apart from those activities, the OEX Group also pursues the following projects:

  • Organisation of a temporary hostel for war refugees. Social rooms in the OEX E-Business warehouse were allocated for this purpose. OEX SA financed the purchase of the necessary equipment. Some of the items needed were donated by OEX E-Business’s clients.
  • A collection of needed items is underway at the Royal Wilanów and Bolero offices, as well as OEX E-Business warehouses and other locations. OEX E-Business has provided storage space for these products in its warehouse.
  • OEX Cursor made donations for the Crisis Centre which included, without limitation, fridges, powerbanks, food and medicines. It also helped volunteers in the organisation of temporary accommodation. crisis centres as well as psychological and legal assistance. Volunteers from OEX Cursor’s office together with ZGN Wola organized an outing for the children to the zoo and the cinema. The Company also offers assistance in finding employment for people from Ukraine.
  • Voice Contact Center has partnered with two Foundations and offered its technological and organizational support. Two assistance helplines for organizations supporting refugees from Ukraine were launched in February.

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