The advanced multilingual service delivery

Voice Contact Center
22 October 2018

Building a competent team dedicated to serving customers in different foreign markets is a growing challenge. More and more frequently, clients outsource this task to external suppliers who are in possession of the resources that enable them not only to implement projects but also to optimise processes and improve business efficiency.

Most frequently, clients operating in more than one market, start from establishing Customer Care within their own structures. As the project develops and expands into new markets, they start to see how time-consuming and costly this process can be to recruit, onboard and maintain a multilingual team of professionals.

Clients outsourcing multilingual projects to us are interested not only in realising their own resources but also supporting their business development. As part of the service, they are given an opportunity to flexibly expand the customer care team which enables them to enter services or products in new markets – says Marta Rabiczko, Voice Contact Centre Business Development Manager from OEX Group who is responsible for the development of LinGo (multilingual BPO).

In most cases, persons recruited for multilingual projects, on top of their excellent command of foreign languages, are highly skilled. By dint of that, they may be entrusted a wide scope of responsibilities. Each such a person is capable of performing diverse tasks requiring – for example – analytical skills or advanced knowledge of IT systems.

Our multilingual projects are of comprehensive nature that goes far beyond the traditional customer care. Among our activities you will find those related to finance or back office services– adds Marta Rabiczko.

Demanding clients, who decide to outsource the multilingual projects, value quality and efficiency improvements above all else. They analyse the tangible experience gained in a given market or in the implementation of similar projects. What matters however, is the details of the cooperation model, flexibility and smooth recruitment process which accelerate further development of the client’s business.

Foreign clients, whom we have talked to, highly appreciate openness in business relationships. At the stage of negotiating, amongst other we pay special attention to potential operational risks and we do not put this issue aside by the time of starting cooperation – says Marta Rabiczko.

Efficient implementation of some advanced multilingual projects requires experience and adoption of clear standards from the following fields: recruitment, onboarding, reporting or managing communication with customer. The key is also the concentration on process optimisation, not only for decresing costs but in particular for boosting quality measurements.

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