The packaging increases the sales of products

OEX E-Business
24 October 2017

The packaging effectively creates the brand image and supports sales. Today, not only large FMCG companies decide to offer their products in boxes or cans of higher quality and durability. Ecology also becomes a visible trend.

Polish packaging market with dynamics of growth at the level of 7% is growing almost twice as fast as the global market (3.5%). According to the Equity Advisors survey[1], its current value is PLN 33.5 billion, and it will grow by another
PLN 12.5 billion by 2020. Today, consumers attach more and more importance to the aesthetics of products, including the way they are packed. The packaging industry is responding to the growing requirements of retailers; it increasingly uses technologies that allow give packaging a more attractive and unique look.

The packaging of the product should, first of all, be unique and match the expectations of the target group. Therefore, we offer our clients solutions that are created from scratch – starting from strategy through design, technology consulting, quality supervision of the entire production process and ending with supply chain management – says Tomasz Bartold, Purchasing Processes Director at OEX E-Business.

According to the MeadWestvaco Corporation report,[2] 44% respondents decide to buy a new product because of the attractive design or functionality of the packaging. Attractive packaging also positively affects customer loyalty. The looks of the box or can should be adapted to the occasion of purchase of the product. Trends depend on the industry, but also on the market segment, also within the same category. Important factors are the price points of finished products, as well as brands and their positioning. Different rules apply to all-season packages and seasonal ones.

Ecology is becoming more and more important for the manufacturers. During shopping, retail customers pay attention to whether the packaging is environmentally friendly and whether it can be recycled. Durable packaging, like metal cans, are often used by consumers as decorative items or for storage of products other than the original ones. Longer packaging life cycle increases the effectiveness of the process of building the image of the brand presented on such packaging.

Metal packaging is mainly used by producers of sweets, cosmetics and alcohol The share of cans among all types of packaging grows especially during the festive season – says Tomasz Bartold.

Original and good quality packaging can be more and more often found in Polish stores. This is the effect of growing consumer expectations, resulting primarily from the greater purchasing power of society. In Poland there is also a growing percentage one-person households, this trend reduces the size of a single purchase. Consumers appreciate quality and buy better quality products in smaller quantities.

More and more often, packaging created by us for the Polish market are used by international companies also in other countries – adds Tomasz Bartold.

When choosing a packaging supplier it is worth to focus not only on the pricing, but also on production facilities, quality procedures as well as product approvals and certifications. A direct supervision of the production process, as well as a flexible and individual approach to the project are important. In the case of all-season packaging, it is worth to choose a supplier that offers the additional option of storing them and performing on-demand deliveries within the stocks. In case of a company that uses imported packaging, this will eliminate the several weeks order completion period. The ongoing management of packaging, even without having a large warehouse facilities, will allow for flexible adjustment of the supply of products to dynamically changing demand.

[1] “Branża opakowań w Polsce 2010-2016 i prognozy 2017-2020”, Equity Advisors

[2] MWV Packaging Matters 2015

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