TIM SA and Divante in the final of the competition for the best Magento User Experience for B2B

6 April 2016

TIM is one of Poland’s largest and leading distributors of electrotechnical materials. The company has had nearly 30 years of market experience and directs its offer to various groups of customers, particularly in and around the construction industry. TIM has decided to implement a new sales channel, and then – to undergo a complete transformation. TIM has changed from a traditional electrical wholesaler into a modern electrotechnical goods distributor with the emphasis on e-commerce, constantly striving towards perfection, which is the omnichannel model.
The cooperation between TIM SA and our company began in 2011 and resulted in TIM.pl – Poland’s first online store with electrotechnical articles, directed primarily to wholesale customers. The original purpose of TIM SA was the diversification of sales channels and improving efficiency by attracting new customers and expanding the product range. During the multi-stage design including preparing a comprehensive pre-implementation analysis, developing a coherent strategy, implementation, overall testing and website maintenance, we used UX tools and techniques – from Design Studio, through prototyping, to workshops with users. The result is a platform enriched with many dedicated B2B features, based on a clear architecture.

Extensive integrations were the biggest challenge for us in this project – says Tomasz Karwatka, CEO Divante – Magento is a system designed primarily for B2C businesses, so considering it as a B2B platform we need to remember about the additional functionalities such as recommendation engine, CRM allowing sales representatives to work on customer accounts or dedicated to wholesale payment options.
Starting TIM.pl is an important example of changes in the distribution of electrotechnical goods in Poland. TIM became the e-commerce pioneer in its field. The company was one of the first to launch online sales of this type of goods on such a large scale.
The project was also a financial success. In 2015, TIM SA sales revenue reached almost €130 million, compared with €84 million in 2013, when the company launched its online sales.

In 2015, 67% of our turnover came from e-commerce. In the case of order lines, this amounted to almost 87%. The number of buyers on TIM.pl is also constantly increasing. E-commerce success of TIM SA would not have been possible without Divante – our technology and conceptual partner in implementing and improving online sales – confirms Krzysztof Folta, CEO of TIM SA.
If you want to know more about TIM’s implementation or are interested in B2B eCommerce you should definitely watch the video highlighting the main points of this project.

The implementation has also been recognized by Magento specialists – a leading provider of online store software. Imagine Excellence Awards, with a joint project of Divante and TIM in this year’s finals, is the second edition of the competition. The awards are given in several categories, i.a.: Best Omnichannel Implementation, Innovation of the Year, Best Mobile Implementation and Best Web Design. Participants are judged not only in terms of technology – the jury pays special attention to creative and innovative solutions that combine user needs with technical solutions, which also allow for the implementation of business objectives.


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