Two new ArchiDoc Operational Centres

11 July 2019

ArchiDoc is opening a central archiving storehouse near Warsaw and an operational centre in Łódź. Together with the operational centre in Warsaw, the new facilities will constitute a complex handling orders from central Poland.

The digitisation of the Polish economy is slowly but surely gaining momentum. An increasing number of companies and institutions decide to outsource document handling to specialised entities such as ArchiDoc. For them, it is more convenient and cheaper – there are fewer and fewer documents in paper form at offices and employees use their electronic versions. No risk of loss, destruction or waiting time – the documents are just one click away.

Thanks to this trend, ArchiDoc – one of the largest Polish companies offering business services in the scope of document management and back-office processing – is growing dynamically. In order to be able to handle the growing number of orders, it is opening two new centres now.

The first one is an operational centre in Łódź, which is to employ more than 200 people. However, a large part of the work will be done by machines. These will be primarily automatic scanners and bots, which can find the necessary information in text on their own thanks to the use of OCR technology and fill in the sheets connected with document description.

The second one is a central archiving storehouse located in Sokołów near Warsaw. Although the facility will also be used for document processing, it is first and foremost intended for storage thereof. The archive in Sokołów has an area of nearly 10 thousand square metres.

In total, ArchiDoc has 5 central document hubs, which mass-process data, 4 archiving storehouses which accumulate boxes with documentation, and more than 50 local offices across the entire country.

“The opening of the new operational centres and the archiving storehouse is a result of the company’s dynamic growth in the previous year and in the first quarter of 2019. We already have contracts which will fill the majority of the space for document storage,” says Konrad Rochalski, President of ArchiDoc, a company which is part of the OEX Group.

The new storehouse is located within the Sokołów Janki logistic park, merely 10 minutes by car from the company’s operational centre in Warsaw. The centre in Łódź is just an hour’s drive away from the head office. The choice of both locations was a strategic decision – together with the office in the capital, they will form a team which will enable operations in central Poland.

“This will make the centres complementary. We are hoping for a synergy effect, which would increase their efficiency. It is also a nod towards our clients. So far, the majority of document operations were performed in the central archive in Chorzów. Starting today, ArchiDoc provides them with a modern facility in an excellent location which is highly accessible and closely cooperates with the centres in Łódź and Warsaw. I believe that they will substantially increase our competitiveness,” says Konrad Rochalski, President of ArchiDoc.

The building of the central document archive was constructed by Hillwood Polska in close cooperation with ArchiDoc. Owing to this, the facility exceeds the standards of safety, including fire safety, as early as in the construction stage. Furthermore, the facility is fitted with advanced burglary prevention systems.

The method of document storage will meet the highest global standards – just as in the case of the company’s remaining archives. It is based on a modern, proprietary IT system which renders it possible to immediately identify the location of a given document and deliver a scan thereof within mere minutes of receiving a request.

Currently, the ArchiDoc centre in Sokołów is in the stage of start-up. The recruitment of employees is under way. The facility should reach full operational readiness within several dozen days. At the operational centre in Łódź, on the other hand, there is a pilot project being carried out.

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