Voice Contact Center supports Volvo in customer service process

Voice Contact Center
28 January 2019

Voice Contact Center implements a customer service center project for Volvo Car Poland. Cooperation entails operating telephone and e-mail contact channels, processing information for the sales department and supporting the claim handling process.

Voice Contact Center consultants assigned to the project offer, inter alia, information on the current product offering, availability of specific vehicle models and spare parts to customers contacting Volvo Car Poland via the hotline, by e-mail or through a contact form. They are also responsible for collecting data of prospective customers and for verifying their marketing consents. Voice Contact Center consultants cooperate also with the Volvo Customer Service in handling complaints.

The speed with which the customer service office reacts and its efficiency is of crucial significance for us. In the premium segment, it is not only the product itself but also all associated services that need to be at the very top level – said Arkadiusz Nowiński, CEO, Volvo Car Poland.

Voice Contact Center consultants working on the project commissioned by Volvo need to be in the possession of extensive knowledge related to the automotive industry and must have customer service-related skills. Impeccable manners and the command of foreign languages are important as well.

Volvo is a premium brand. Therefore, its customer service needs to comply with specific quality requirements. Those contacting customer support expect the consultants to the competent and knowledgeable. Our employees undergo comprehensive product training providing them with knowledge similar to that in the possession of the customer’s dealership network’s staff – 
says Krzysztof Banaś, Project Manager, Voice Contact Center.

The services rendered by Voice Contact Center for the benefit of Volvo are supplemented by NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys relied upon to assess the customers’ willingness to recommend the brand’s products further.

Voice Contact Center specializes in multichannel customer support services. The company runs a similar project for customers operating in insurance, medical, fuel and e-commerce sectors.

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