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Conclusion of a letter of intent by a subsidiary of the issuer

Current report number: 17/2013

Data: 5 April 2013

Polish Financial Supervision Authority
Pl. Powstańców Warszawy 1
00-950 Warszawa

The issuer’s Management Board hereby informs whom it may concern that on 5 April 2013 it gained knowledge about a conclusion by Euro-Phone Sp. z o.o. , the issuer’s subsidiary, on 5 April 2013, with Mix Electronics S.A. with registered office in Skawina and with PHP Mobile sp. z o.o. in organization, with registered office in Krakow (hereinafter: Potential Sellers), a letter of intent, whose subject matter is the conduct of negotiations in relation with the intention of purchasing by Euro-Phone Sp. z o.o. of all shares in Mobile MIX Sp. z o. o. with registered office in Skawina (hereinafter: the Company), whose main object of business is to run a sale network of T-mobile’s services. The Company has 78 sale outlets and 38 Authorised Business Advisers. The conclusion of the contract subject to the negotiations will result in the creation of the biggest sale network of T-mobile’s services comprising 171 outlets and 110 Authorised Business Advisers.
The parties to the letter have agreed that the price for the shares in the Company will not be higher than PLN 18,000,000, and the deadline for the completion of negotiations and the conclusion of the agreements was set to be 10 May 2013. Euro-Phone Sp. z o.o. is authorised to withdraw from further negotiations the following cases:
– it is not granted the possibility of carrying out an audit of the Company or the results of the audit are not satisfactory,
– it turns out that Potential Sellers are engaged in negotiations concerning the disposal of shares with other parties,
– the Company’s operational costs exceed its revenues.
Pursuant to the provision included in the letter, the intentions of the parties expressed therein as to, respectively, the disposal and the acquisition of shares in the Company do not constitute a declaration of will and do not result in the obligation to conclude a share acquisition agreement.

Legal basis: Art.56 clause1 item 1 of the Offering Act – Confidential Information

Signed: Rafał Stempniewicz – President of the Management Board