The public offer of shares

share issues issue mode issue legal basis offering date issue price number of shares offered number of shares aquired
B public resolution of the Management Board
15 April 2005
26.09 – 7.10.2005 46,50 zł 31,79% 43,84%

The public offer of shares in the Company was made in 2005 on the basis of the prospectus and decisions of the Polish Securities and Exchange Commission of 14 June 2005 concerning the admission of securities covered by the prospectus to public trade.

Detailed questions concerning amendments to the prospectus and the subscription of shares are given in current reports Nos. 4/20057/20059/200511/200512/200516/2005 (corrigendum)17/200518/200519/200520/200522/200523/200524/200525/2005.