The Group has 3 operational segments:

  • Retail Sale Network Management,
  • Sale Support,
  • eCommerce Services.

The results of subsidiary iPOS S.A. is not assigned to any of the existing operating segments. They were disclosed in the ‘not allocated’ segment in the segment note together with the results of the Parent Company.


The retail sale network management segment comprises comprehensive services related to the sale of the client’s products and services in a network of stores and retail outlets, and in particular the creation and management of retail sale outlet networks and the sale and sale force management. The OEX Group concentrates on the management of the mobile phone service distribution network, whereby the experience and unique competences related to sale network building may be used in other sectors on the basis on a similar distribution model. At present, the OEX Group is the provider of these services to three mobile phone operators in Poland – Orange, T-Mobile and Plus. The sale of the Orange network services is carried out by Tell Sp. z o. o., of the T-Mobile network services by Europhone Sp z o.o and of the PLUS network – by PTI Sp. z o. o. The OEX Group has achieved its current position on the market by taking over smaller networks and by developing cooperation with operators.


Operations of this segment are carried out by OEX Cursor S.A., MerService Sp. z o.o. and Pro People Sp. z o.o. The services rendered by the companies focus on activities from the trade support and field marketing area and their objective is to support the sales of clients’ products and services and influence the development of distribution. The services also comprise experience marketing and promotion activities aimed at building and increasing consumer loyalty to the brands promoted. The clients of the Sale Support segment include FMCG producers and distributors, electric and pharmaceutical sector companies and financial Institutions. In this Segment, also the HR management and recruitment services for the purposes of the OEX Group, i.e. object of the business of Pro People Sp. z o.o., are rendered.

The services are mainly pursued using the outsourcing model, which consists in the take over from the clients of the sale support processes in whole or in part. The services are provided using the human resources of the segment’s companies as well as such working tools and the car fleet and IT systems. The cooperation may concern the team management as well as the management of entire sale and marketing processes of clients

  • Trade Support

Services in this area are provided by OEX Cursor S.A. and MerService Sp z o o.

The outsourcing of sales representatives consists in the provision of a field team of sales representatives, provision of all the necessary working tools for that team and the supervision over its proper activities. The task of the team is, depending on the given project pursued, the acquisition of new or the support of the existing consumers of the client’s (the point-of-sale’s) goods and services. The sales representative outsourcing service is addressed to the entire market (modern, traditional and specialist sales).

Shared sales forces is a service that consists in the provision of a field team equipped with all the necessary work tools. The team pays merchandising and commercial visits to selected retail outlets all over Poland in a shared model, i.e. for various producers (not on an exclusivity basis). It is an alternative to the outsourcing of sales representatives. This service is provided in various sales channels – from traditional brick-and-mortar stores, through petrol stations and supermarkets to cash & carry and hypermarkets.

Merchandising consists in the service related to the exposure of goods in commercial networks on the modern and traditional markets by on-site teams as well as by mobile teams (provided with appropriate vehicles). The service is rendered using IT tools.

The examination of goods exposure and availability and consumer communication standards supplements the merchandising offer. The examination is carried out in the form of audits made in commercial networks and retail outlets. Their purpose is to obtain information from the market, verify the arrangements made between the retail outlet and the producer and control the effectiveness of sales structures of the client. An element supplementing the process is the construction and update of databases. The data acquisition process takes place using IT tools, which guarantee the quality and reliability of materials collected. The offer also comprises the analyses and presentations of data.

  • Field Marketing

Services in this area are provided by OEX Cursor S.A.

Shopper marketing – product promotion services comprise activities related to a direct contact with the consumer, the purpose of which is to influence the purchase decisions taken in the point of sale. They concern project related to the provision to the producers of teams defined as ‘Client Advisers’ who stimulate the sale in modern or traditional sale outlets or in commercial networks  by ensuring additional information about the product, allowing the clients to try product samples or realize individual orders of consumers. Such activities are reinforced by organisation of consumer programmes such as lotteries or contests.

Experience marketing involves activities to addressed individually to a specific product or service, the purpose of which is to engage the consumer and to build brand awareness by interacting with the product. Projects pursued for the clients comprise dedicated events, education and sale actions, samplings and tastings together with the provision of personnel, equipment and logistics of marketing materials as well as the management of loyalty programmes.


The logistic operations are provided by OEX E-Business Sp. z o.o. The comprise the execution of orders related to e-shop and E-Commerce platform support, dispatch of awards in loyalty programmes as well as distribution and warehousing of marketing materials. Workshops and consultations on optimal process management, construction and provision of product and material ordering and management IT solutions integrated with the clients’ systems are ensured as part of the services. The logistic support for internet shops provided by OEX E-Business Sp. z o.o. comprises the reception of goods in the distribution centres, warehousing, order picking, purchase of cardboard and filling materials, fiscal registration, courier distribution and returns. The Company has integration with the most popular eCommerce systems and tools: Magento, Presta, Shoper, Idosell, Allegro, Paczkomaty, DPD, FedEx, UPS.

The purchase processing services provided by OEX E-Business Sp. z o.o. are related to the optimisation of the costs of purchase of marketing materials, packagings, products for resale and products for loyalty programmes. The activities consist in the market analysis, provision of recommendations concerning the determination of selection criteria to be followed when  purchasing products, purchase cost optimization as well as logistic and administrative support of the process.
In case of orders executed on foreign markets, the services comprise the analysis of the supplier’s potential, verification of the quality of raw materials (standard observance, quality standard certificates, including, but not limited to FDA, CE, EN 71), supervision over the performance of prototypes and ensuring the consistency of product batches.

OEX E-Business Sp. z o.o. manages an extended warehouse infrastructure with an area of 66.500 sq.m. and capacity of 100,000 pallet places – based on a warehouse management system. The operation quality consistency is ensured by ISO 9001:2008.

Voice Contact Center Sp. z o.o. provides solutions in the customer experience area. It offers a comprehensive support for business processes related to client communication, from client acquisition, through support to cooperation development and maintenance as well as supports backoffice activities. It renders services that encompass the support of all channels of contacts with the client: phone calls, e-mail, chat, social media, texts, video, traditional mail. Talks with clients are also supported owing to the use of a proprietary conversation bot. The Company’s main services are the following: management of comprehensive and multi-channel customer support offices, backoffice processes, CATI research and sales support. The customers for the company’s services are, among others, companies from the following sectors: eCommerce, finance, insurance, commerce and distribution. The company carries out projects in the area of product and service helplines, help desks for system and app users, complaint handling with compensation logistics, sale support in eCommerce, backoffice in relation with, inter alia: work with product cards, complaint handling, support for financial departments. The company also provides services for medical companies such as: appointment scheduling and confirmation, remote diagnostics support. For insurance companies, Voice Contact Center Sp. z o.o. provides services related to claim registration and handling. The services are provided in modern operational centres in Warsaw, Łodz and Lublin, where there are approx. 900 professional contact centre work stations.

The services for eCommerce provided by companies from the eCommerce Services segment include comprehensive services for companies involved in online sales or those which have offline sales but plan to expand to the online sale in the B2B and B2C areas. The provision of such services may follow the end to end model. The services may also be rendered as individual components of the entire chain.