Software House

Software House for eCommerce: our key competences include Magento and Pimcore-based projects. We specialise in the creation of Internet shops as well as all other projects encompassing not only IT but also leading edge design and customer experience.

Marketplace B2B

In 2019, we launched, a B2B marketplace that allows us to offer our clients sales digitalization and foreign expansion support in eCommerce.

and Fulfillment

We complete 1,5 shipments per year.

Experience Solutions

Our services are provided in modern operational centres in Warsaw, Lodz and Lublin where there are 650 professional contact centre work stations. We support all end client contact channels. We run a helpline, image campaigns and well as service and products upselling. We generate leads, manage loyalty programmes as well as carry out CATI and IVR surveys.

Grupę OEX