ArchiDoc digitalises the circulation of documents in ROHLIG SUUS Logistics

13 July 2017

ArchiDoc from OEX Group implemented a first stage of services aiming at facilitation of business processes of one of the biggest logistics operator in Poland.

Within the cooperation ArchiDoc has been implementing in ROHLIG SUUS Logistics, a system combining the functionality of the software of BPM and DMS class, that automates the circulation of transportation and financial documents of the operator. The solutions shortens the time of documents handling and makes it easier to monitor ongoing settlements with business partners.

The company from OEX Group is also responsible for digitalisation of paper documents and support for the customer service process of ROHLIG SUUS.

Due to the growing scale of our business, we decided to implement a solution that shall make it easier for us to manage key processes. It results from the strategy of our company, where one of priorities is digitalisation. Automation of electronic circulation of documents and quick access to data ensures maintaining high standard of services for our clients and we increase the standard systematically – said Teresa Bukalska, Project Manager z ROHLIG SUUS Logistics.

A solutions that is being implemented in ROHLIG SUUS is based on technology of WEBCON company and original ArchiDoc’s platform – INDO. The software makes it possible to integrate with client’s systems and provides problem-free availability of data registered in the system. Unified interfaces allow simple connection of users to subsequent, defined in the system, processes and circulations. The platform, due to easy handling, may be independently developed by the client.

ArchiDoc’s services take into account the specifics of the clients’ business and make it possible to optimise the areas that translate into effectiveness of their daily work. Combining our know-how and technology allows, in a tangible way, to shorten the implementation time of particular processes and limit costs – says Konrad Rochalski, President of the Management Board of ArchiDoc SA.

Starting the first stage of the services was preceded by a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements. The next stage was common designing of a solution that fits not only current but also future needs of ROHLIG SUUS

Technological solutions are an integral part of our services. We may make them available in Software as a Service model, which allows to change fixed costs into variable ones and flexibly adjust them to real needs of a client – adds Konrad Rochalski.

Within the service ArchiDoc is also responsible for technical and service support of the client.

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics is one of the biggest logistics companies in Poland, acting on the global market. The offer of the operator covers road, sea, air, railway transportation, warehouse services, cargo projects and customs handling.

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