Cursor SA with the Title of Reliable Outsourcer

24 September 2015

For the second time, Cursor was awarded the title of Reliable Outsourcer. The award presented by the editorial team of the Outsourcing Magazine is garnered by the best companies from the innovative business services sector.

Cursor supplies solutions in e-logistics and sales support.
The company implements almost 2,000 projects a year. Thanks to its extensive field structures, Cursor is able to conduct sales and promotional campaigns of all sizes all over the country. The company also manages one of Poland’s largest logistic centres dedicated to the service of the e-commerce sector and distribution of marketing materials. The services of Cursor are used by Nestle, Unilever, ING, Samsung and Akzo Nobel, among others.

As part of the “Reliable Outsourcer” programme, we recommend companies which offer their clients innovative and reliable forms of cooperation. These are experts that are tried and tested business partners in the area of outsourcing, said Krzysztof Kogut, Editor-in-Chief of the Outsourcing Magazine.

Cursor was awarded the title of Reliable Outsourcer for the second time. The first award was garnered by the company in the first edition of the competition in 2008. Cursor has so far been honoured with a number of other renowned awards, which include Business Gazelles, Forbes’s Diamonds, FMCG Market Pearls and Responsible Employer.

In 2015, the company joined the Tell capital group, one of the leading entities on the Polish sales outsourcing market. The Group offers a complete range of services related to sales in the conventional and e-commerce channels as well as their integration and multi-channel service.


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