Cursor with a Contract for the Logistics of LOTOS Marketing Materials

23 March 2016

Cursor started implementation of a project including comprehensive logistics of marketing materials for LOTOS Paliwa. The contract includes, among others, warehousing and distribution of POS materials to several hundred petrol stations as well as logistics of the LOTOS Navigator reward programme.As part of the service, Cursor will provide the client with a dedicated IT platform for managing marketing materials. It enables authorised LOTOS Paliwa employees to place orders for specific products, to monitor stocks and POSM range of products as well as to generate reports. Cursor will also be responsible for complete material logistics, from their warehousing and order management through to distribution, installation, servicing and disposal. The company also provides technical support for the platform.

“Our products are targeted at companies that need to streamline their marketing materials logistics. Cursor’s solution enables to significantly reduce the costs of POSM. Not only do we have the relevant know-how and long-standing experience, but also infrastructure that enables us to handle logistic projects on any scale,” said Artur Wojtaszek, President of Cursor SA, OEX Group.

Cursor implements projects related to ongoing logistic operations for marketing materials for more than 70 clients, including leading players in the FMCG, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. The company boasts one of the Poland’s largest warehousing centres dedicated to handling POSM and e-commerce. In addition, it has proprietary IT solutions enabling to automate logistic processes and increase their effectiveness.

“We advise clients how to streamline their range of POS materials and distribute them more effectively. Also, the scale of our operations contributes to measurable cost savings. We tend to translate favourable terms of cooperation with our external partners to Cursor’s clients. As a result, our clients save money on the cost of courier deliveries, among others,” added Grzegorz Wroniszewski, e-Logistics Managing Director at Cursor SA.
The contract between Cursor and LOTOS Paliwa also includes logistics of the client’s reward programme. The outsourcer is responsible for warehousing and distributing prizes.

The quality of logistics in the case of marketing materials and reward programmes has a direct impact on the company’s image and customer trust. As part of the service, Cursor ensures not only specific KPI targets related to, among others, delivery times, but also guarantees a suitable storage and transport of various types of materials.

LOTOS Paliwa manages a chain of almost 480 petrol stations all over Poland.


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