Divante for discount-loyalty technology ZenCard

21 September 2015

Divante has implemented a module enabling the use of the innovative ZenCard system in e-stores built on Magento. This module allows stores to implement promotional rules that encourage customers to purchase more or reward a completed transaction.

ZenCard is a platform for managing customer activation programs, which automatically recognizes consumers and grants them with promotions. Through ZenCard, vendors can create loyalty programs to manage on their own and endorse their own brand. The system combines online and offline shopping data, providing stores with multiple opportunities to match promotions to their customers’ interests, while maintaining their anonymity.

Divante was responsible for preparing a module designed for Magento e-stores. When connected to ZenCard administration panel, vendors can display promotional areas in different parts of their websites. This functionality allows not olny to create universal rules for all visitors (e.g. free samples of perfume when you buy more than 3 products or a 5% discount when you spend more than 200 EUR) but also individual promotional campaigns for specific users.

ZenCard helps stores to attract new customers, for instance among those, who made their purchase elsewhere. In this case, the user who spent, e.g. 300 EUR in store X may get a discount in store Y. You can easily sign up to the ZenCard program while paying online or paying with your credit card, stating only your sex and phone number. The user receives information about bonuses via text, e-mail or by going to an e-store’s website. Discounts are automatically calculated during the payment.

Divante often supports the activities of innovative start-ups. We implement solutions that enable fast and efficient business growth in a variety of sales channels. It’s great satisfaction for us to see how our clients and partners develop – said Tomasz Widliński, Project Manager in Divante.

Divante and ZenCard decided to continue their cooperation. Within the partnership, both companies will actively acquire clients for the solutions offered by each other.

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