From offline to online in minutes. Deliko – new functionality in iPOS

13 December 2023

The Polish company iPOS from the OEX Group, known in the fiscal-payment market as an innovative provider of hardware and software, is expanding its offering with a new functionality – an online store for handling external orders.

Deliko – the functionality of the iPOS system is a response to numerous requests from customers in the gastronomy industry. Thanks to it, they will be able to expand their business by accepting and fulfilling online orders without paying high service commissions, which is often a common practice with large takeout food portals.

What is Deliko?

iPOS solutions genuinely support entrepreneurs in running their businesses while ensuring compliance with fiscal obligations and payment processing. Sales recording devices in stores or service points are completely online. Like smartphones, they are equipped with applications that can send sales statistics and inventory data to the entrepreneur. They support the purchase of goods, personnel management, and facilitate daily decision-making, said Michał Pawłowski, a member of the iPOS board.

The system can be managed from any device with internet access. This means that the entrepreneur can make changes to the assortment or menu of their restaurant entirely remotely and based on real-time reports. Furthermore, iPOS, as the first on the market, introduced such a product on a subscription basis. The entrepreneur can choose from several subscriptions that dynamically change the system’s functionality. The store owner receives a highly useful IT solution without the need to purchase expensive software, and with a small monthly fee for its use.

The new functionality called Deliko is an online store and another step in building added value for retailers. In the iPOS system, data on assortment and prices are already available, so by using this data, the customer can also list their products on the internet. Previously, a separate online store and integration with fiscal devices were necessary. With iPOS, creating such a store is a matter of a few clicks using the data already available in the system. Online orders will automatically go to the iPOS cash terminal in the form of a prepared receipt.

Who is Deliko for?

Deliko, the online ordering store, is available to all iPOS customers who have an active iPOS smart+ device in any subscription plan. Deliko functionality is dedicated to the gastronomy industry, but entrepreneurs specializing in the sale of various products can also benefit from it.

How to set up a store on Deliko?

Configuring your own store on deliko.pl by iPOS customers is easy and fast, and it is done through iPOS web, the sales management system. The entire assortment and price list are configured with the online store on an individual account in iPOS web. Thus, managing online sales takes place from the same place where stationary sales are managed.

Orders from the online store go directly to the iPOS smart+ cash terminal, where they can be immediately fiscalized.

How much does an online store in iPOS cost?

Setting up your own online store on deliko.pl, iPOS customers do not incur any additional fees for hosting, domain, SSL security certificate. The handling and costs of these activities are on the iPOS side. The only cost borne by iPOS customers is a 2% commission on the accepted order. If an iPOS customer does not sell through the online store, they incur no costs.

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