OEX Cursor implemented an educational marketing campaign for PSG

OEX Cursor
30 October 2018

OEX Cursor, a member of the OEX Group, has executed a door-to-door project for Polska Spółka Gazownictwa (Polish Gas Company). As a part of the contract, OEX  Cursor reached more than 400 potential customers for its client.

Cooperation with PSG covered educational activities that promote eco-friendly residential building heating. Additionally, in cooperation with MerService OEX Cursor delivered a report and analysis platform, which allows automatization of data circulation and its analysis. One of the OEX Group members also prepared a landing page for its client, which enables participants of the marketing campaign to order gadgets with PSG’s logo.

oex-cursor-polska-spolka-gazownictwaWe deliver solutions that allow eco-friendly residential building heating, this is why we treasure building client’s awareness of the fact that they have an impact on the air quality in their surroundings. Because of this, we decided to cooperate with a partner that is capable of reaching our clients with a direct and effective message – says Mariusz Dymkowski, Business Leader of the project on PSG’s side.

The project for PGS has been executed by trained OEX Cursor consultants and targeted southern Poland. The target group was briefed on the advantages of heating residential buildings with natural gas. This includes the positive impact of switching to that fuel on air quality, the safety aspect and convenience of its use, as well as the efficiency of the gas-powered heating units.

Door-to-door campaigns allow direct and in-depth contact with the end user. This greatly improves the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Information that is delivered to the consumer, in line with his needs and expectations, has a quantifiable impact on their investment decisions ­- says Przemysław Bogdański from OEX Cursor.

The well-developed OEX Cursor’s network in Poland allows door-to-door activities to be executed in all of Poland, this includes large-scale projects that have to be implemented swiftly.

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