OEX E-Business signed a 5PL logistics contract with Hong Kong-based DGM

OEX E-Business
6 July 2018

On 1 July 2018, OEX E-Business signed a contract with an electronics manufacturer, Hong Kong-based DGM. This is another customer from the Asian market to which the OEX Group company will provide services related to B2B2C online sales in Europe.

Under the contract, OEX E-Business will be responsible for the logistics support for products in the Omnichannel HUB warehouses near Warsaw, and for large-scale sales on the European markets with the use of eCommerce tools.

DGM is a Hong Kong-based electronics manufacturer that has been present on global market since 1997. It manufactures and sells such products as monitors, laptops, tablets and accessories (powerbanks, USB and other). The company has branches in Great Britain, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria and in Poland. The contract with OEX E-Business provides for cooperation in the field of sales and distribution of DGM products in the CEE region, with full use of operational capabilities and the application of the latest eCommerce technologies that OEX E-Business is rapidly developing.

Our objective is to “build a bridge” between Asia and Europe in the field of B2B2C online sales since we have the right resources and technology. As one of the few companies in our region, we are able to offer customers a 5PL logistics model – says Artur Wojtaszek, CEO of OEX E-Business.

In June 2018, the company also signed a 5PL service contract with a Taiwanese manufacturer of telephone accessories – GOTTA WinPlex LTD.

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