The OEX Group invests in purchasing technologies. OEX E-Business acquired shares in NextBuy

8 January 2018

OEX E-Business sp. z o. o., on the basis of an agreement concluded in December 2017, has acquired a minority share package of NextBuy sp. z o. o.

NextBuy offers a digital purchasing platform that connects merchants and suppliers. The company has been operating in the market since 2011. It is currently one of the most dynamically growing platforms offering its customers cloud solutions, which allow to optimize purchases. The current customers of NextBuy include AXA Polska, Amica, Bakalland and Tchibo Polska.

The acquisition is another stage of implementing the strategy of building a comprehensive e-business offer of the OEX Group. We supplement the offered services with modern technology that will enable B2B customers to optimize the purchasing process and improve the expenses management. We will use this solution to serve our Group’s clients, which will significantly optimize the processes related to managing purchases – said Artur Wojtaszek, president of OEX E-Business and a board member of OEX S.A. responsible for the E-business segment.

NextBuy is a cloud-based solution designed in the SaaS model, thanks to which the implementation of the platform is fast and undemanding. The user can log into the platform via web browser, from anywhere in the world. NextBuy supports the entire purchasing process, including access to the supplier database, electronic auctions, inquiries and product catalogs; it automates and streamlines the operation of purchasing departments. The implementation of digital shopping technologies gives customers access to a more diversified assortment and suppliers, as well as shortens the time of handling processes and formalities.

Currently, OEX Group has two companies that operate in the E-business segment: OEX E-Business and Divante; they both provide their e-commerce customers with end2end services – from the creation and optimization of e-stores to comprehensive logistics services (including fulfillment and e-delivery, i.e. optimization of international transport).

NextBuy will complete the offer of the e-procurement business line, which offers the management suppliers and purchasing processes.

Currently, on the Polish market there are 5 important companies that offer this type of technology. The NextBuy tool perfectly fits into our needs. We want to automate purchases and processes related to the e-procurement service for our clients – added Artur Wojtaszek.

The funds acquired by NextBuy as a result of the transaction are planned to be invested in developing the technology and functionality of the system.

We want to further develop our technology and the process of implementing the system at customers. We plan to extend NextBuy’s offer with new modules and integrations with external systems. We also have the opportunity to enlarge our R&D team. The company will use OEX NextBuy logo. Thanks to the OEX brand, which is known as a provider of business services, we hope to strengthen our position on the market – said Łukasz Kozicki, President of the Board of NextBuy sp. z o. o.

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