Voice Contact Center focuses on its own bots

Voice Contact Center
5 December 2019

In November, Voice Contact Center acquired the Primebot technology platform which builds voicebots and chatbots. Its creator, Piotr Kempa, joined Voice Contact Center team as a Head of AI Division. In this way, the company wants to strengthen its position as a leader in customer experience.

Voice Contact Center is increasingly becoming a technology company. In addition to providing further services in the area of customer service, it develops its competences in the field of systems based on artificial intelligence. In November, the company acquired rights to the Primebot system and software – a dedicated solution for conversation bots. Thanks to the combination of technology and excellent quality, Voice Contact Center wants to provide customer service at the highest level and using global best practices. The planned development of the acquired software assumes the creation of a high-class bot platform for supporting telephone and text conversations in multiple languages.

– The decision to invest in bot technology was made, among others based on the interests of our business partners. We see the demand for an offer combining artificial intelligence solutions with high-level service and experience in building optimum customer service offices. This allows for even more effective and qualitative business processes implementation – says Ewa Czarnecka, CEO of Voice Contact Center.

The founder of Primebot – Piotr Kempa – also joined the company, taking the position of Head of AI Division. He will prepare proprietary technological solutions for the needs of ongoing customer care projects, together with the team of Voice Contact Center programmers and with the support of other companies from the OEX Group.

Piotr Kempa has been working on technologies for the automation of customer service processes and artificial intelligence continuously since 2012. For years he was associated with companies dealing with voice technology and contact center automation. In 2018, he created from scratch his own innovative solution for building voice bots based on machine learning methods, which has been successfully used in a number of production implementations.

– Thanks to voice or text bots, customer servicecan be even more accessible to consumers. Voice Contact Center is a company specializing in running such projects, that is why it is crucial for our daily operations. The implementation of solutions based on artificial intelligence allows us to optimize processes and also increases customer satisfaction. Bots can work in any language, 24 hours a day, regardless of peaks and variable scale – adds Piotr Kempa, Head of AI Division at Voice Contact Center.

The expert also mentions the use of bots: – This technology has a number of applications in multi-channel customer service offices. It can be used as a support for consultants or to carry out independent projects. It is also a great tool to use in sales support in e-commerce and in outbound projects. Bots work best in repetitive processes, such as NPS research, receiving reports, providing information on balances or case status, providing information about products and applicable procedures, monitoring receivables or generating leads – lists Piotr Kempa, Head of AI Division at Voice Contact Center.

Voice Contact Center specializes in multi-channel customer service. The company implements projects for clients from the financial, e-commerce, medical, automotive and FMCG industries, and the like.

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