Fulfilio with an award in the Logistics Operator plebiscite

11 December 2023

OEX Fulfilio has received an honorary distinction as a result of the Logistics Operator of the Year 2023 survey. This marks the second time the company has been recognized for its work and commitment to developing solutions for the logistics industry.

The 22nd edition of the Logistics, Transport, and Production Gala has concluded. Despite the challenges that the TSL industry faced in the past year, the attendance at this key industry event exceeded expectations once again. All those present had the opportunity to enjoy the chance to meet again in the elite circle of TSL sector leaders.

A crucial element of the event was the announcement of the Logistics Operator of the Year 2023 awards. Honorary distinction was given, among others, to Fulfilio. The award was granted in the category of Comprehensive Service for the e-commerce sector.

The Logistics, Transport, and Production Gala took place on November 30, 2023, in Warsaw. This event, which has been a true celebration of logistics for two decades, serves as a summary of the past year. The gala also focused on pioneers in the green transformation of supply chains, as well as products and services whose innovativeness enables continuous development and improvement of operations in the value chain.

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