OEX Cursor with the ‘Great Place to Work’ Certificate

OEX Cursor
25 July 2022

In July 2022, OEX Cursor, a member of the OEX Group, joined the ranks of the Great Place to Work®-certified companies, the certifier being a global authority on workplace culture. The company successfully passed the overall employee workplace experience survey.

OEX Cursor specializes in comprehensive sales support services. 20 years of market experience and the service development have resulted in its cooperation with major FMCG and financial companies.

‘Creating a friendly workplace is one of the key elements of OEX Cursor’s HR strategy. We are building our organizational culture based on the respect for employee rights and the creation of a tolerant work environment conducive to the development of people employed by the company. We pursue programmes that support employees both during their onboarding days and further up their career ladder, so it is extremely gratifying to see such a positive result from the actions we have been taking,’ says Przemyslaw Bogdanski, CEO of OEX Cursor

Through its services, OEX Cursor supports the cooperating companies in their building of a brand image at points of sale and also ensures that a consumer has the best experience when interacting with their products or services. The key to a successful implementation of these goals is to ensure the process quality, which is not possible without a committed and motivated team. The projects handled require a coordination of several hundred recruitments per year. Distinctions that reward workplace quality attract competent candidates and allow us to keep them for longer.

‘We are proud to be a Great Place to Work-certified company. This distinction is also a commitment on the part of the company to improve continuously and take care of the workplace atmosphere,’ adds Przemyslaw Bogdanski

The company’s good reputation, as attested by its own employees, is one of the most authoritative criteria for evaluating an employer. According to the Grate Place to Work survey, in certified organizations the candidates are much more likely to work under a good boss and develop a work commitment.

Great Place to Work is the global authority on organizational culture and surveys of employee experience and leadership behaviours that are proven to increase revenue, help retain employees and foster innovations.


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